Condition book

First: The required spring steel for Registration
1. Spring steel Flat bars according to specifications 55CR3, DIN 17221, quantity required is 2000 tons/year.
2. Spring steel Ribbed and Grooved flat bars according to specifications 55CR3, DIN 17221 quantity required is 200 tons/year.
3. Spring steel Round bars according to specifications 55CR3 or 50CRV4 or 51CRM0V4 or DIN 17221 or fiat stander 52566, 60SICR8 quantity required is 300 tons/year.
4. Piano wire steel according to German specifications DIN17223-classD, quantity required according to our needs.
Note: Dimension and quantity will be declared in the tender book conditions.
Second: Registration producer in the supplier record:
1. The supplier or his agent must submit introduction about his factory, Catalogues and Quality certificate.
2. The supplier must send us a sample of 500 kg free of charge for testing and tryout and if the result is accepted then the supplier is registered.
3. The supplier must submit his offer in our tender in two envelopes (first envelope for tech. offer, second envelope for financial offer).
Provisional deposit free of conditions 2% of the offer value must be attached with the tech offer.
4. If the supplier is winner of the tender, then he must submit guarantee deposit 5% of our purchase order value. This letter of guarantee must be free conditions and valid one month after the complete delivery of the order.
5. Payment: will effected by confirmed and irrevocable L/C 100% against shipping doc, inspection certificate from international inspection company with acceptance is one of these documents.

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